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Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Replacement

This S5 was Kaput!

Look at it now. Gleaming and shiny, and ready to be smudged up and tapped on to your heart's content. This is one of the most deceiving mobile phone repairs around. It can appear very simple, but if you don't clean the frame out properly, and use some incredible hulk-type adhesive, the screen will not stay down! You'll get lift around the edges, maybe not straight away, but eventually.

Fortunately Inspect Your Gadget uses only the most hardcore adhesive especially designed for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and its demanding screen. We have done dozens of these now, so rest assured if you bring your Galaxy S5 to us for repair work, you will not only get the cheapest screen replacement price around. You will also get a master quality repair job. Our workmanship comes with a 3-month warranty. Translation...if it's still good after 3's gonna be good forever. Or at least until you break it again and find yourself calling us!

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iPhone 5 Resurrection!

Check out one of our latest jobs. This iPhone 5 appeared to have been put under an actual STEAMROLLER. The front was totally smashed, the back was damaged and bits missing. Even the front camera was destroyed.

With a little handy work from us, we replaced the entire body, the front camera, and the LCD / glass. The phone is literally good as new now, and could sell for $300-$450. Total cost to our customer $175.


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Inspect Your Gadget's 1st official day online!

Welcome to the first iteration of our new website and shop. Since we don't have a physical shop (who needs one in this day and age?) we thought we better get a website, fast. So here it is. We will be adding products and services to our site regularly over the coming weeks, so please check back soon.

The screen repair services you'll find here are our most common repairs, but are by no means the only ones we do! We can repair phones, tablets, laptops and computers of all popular brands. We are also getting more stock in soon on great cases and protection for your gadgets, so watch this space....


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With over 20 years experience in Computing & Technology, Inspect Your Gadget can fix issues that other services would throw in the too-hard basket. The secret to great repair work is great trouble-shooting and diagnostics, and that's where we excel.

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