Water Damage

Rice is not a repair. 

Once there is water inside your phone, electrical shorts can happen that destroy one, or several components inside the phone. Rice does not fix damaged components. Don't put the device in a drawer and forget about it, get the device in to a professional as soon as possible. Time is crucial with water damage.

When the water eventually dries up, it leaves behind minerals that corrode the metal connections inside the device. This is what kills it over time. It may function normally for a short while, then things start to fail. Water damage treatment needs to happen as soon as possible. We will open the phone, remove all water, and clean the motherboard using a professional technique designed to stop this process before it causes further damage. If the water intrusion is severe, we won't recommend repair due to the high risk of ongoing problems. In this case, we may be able to get your device working on a basic enough level to recover your important data (photos etc).

  • Do not put the device in rice and let it sit there for days.
  • Do not attempt to power on or charge the phone.
  • Get it to a professional as soon as possible for the best chance of rescue.

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