Water Damage

water damaged phoneRice is not a Repair! It's an urban myth. The phone needs to be taken apart as soon as possible. Turn the phone off NOW. Proper water damage rescue requires complete disassembly, cleaning, and removal of all water and corrosion from the inside of the phone. Without this cleaning process, the minerals in the water will continue to damage the phone. Over time, various functions of the phone can gradually stop working as corrosion on the main circuit board sets in. The cleaning process we employ STOPS this process in it's tracks, and allows us to assess what parts can be replaced to get the phone back in action. The most common parts to die with water exposure are the battery and screen, followed by speakers, microphones, and cameras. If you're really unlucky, or have left it too long, the entire motherboard (the heart of the phone) will have started to corrode or rust, and may be beyond rescue.

Water Damage Cleaning is $40. It takes approx 1 hour, then any repairs needed will be quoted prior to continuing. If the phone is unable to be saved, for an extra $10, you will receive a full damage report on quoted letterhead, by email or print, for insurance claims.
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